Our Story


JAM WITH ATTITUDE??!! That's right, attitude. All natural fruit jams with a habanero ZING to send your tastebuds dancing.

It started over 30 years ago... My best friend, Betsy, and I didn’t have much money to spend on holiday gifts but wanted to do something special for friends and family. We found a recipe for jalapeño jelly and decided to make it as our gift. It was different, interesting and our friends loved it! That marked the beginning of a holiday tradition. Each year we modified the recipe, using a variety of peppers and fruits. And each year we received more and more compliments and enthusiasm. It became something they looked forward to receiving.

When my daughter married we decided to thank all the guests with small jars of fruit habanero jam. After receiving such positive response, we decided to take the next step and market our delicious treat. So in the Spring of 2007, Diane’s Sweet Heat was born!

We make it in small quantities in order to control quality, integrity and flavor, using no artificial flavors or colors. Diane’s Sweet Heat is produced by Diane and family in Arcata, California, a small town in Humboldt County where the redwood forest meets the Pacific Ocean.

Today we are on the shelves in over 250 nationwide, find us here.

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